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Improve your Rank with Radiator Springs Racing
We will have a training server that will constantly rotate between all different tracks, so it will be easier to complete your rank. 
Every 3-4 days a new track will be on our server. We hope you will join us with some training races. Our server is without password, so everyone could join our session.
Keep an eye on our calendar to know the schedule.
Currently on RSR Training Server: Newbury 2006
We are currenlty looking for some "trainers".
We would like to create some session in which experience drivers could explain some driving techniques, give some tips and tricks, or explain by examples how to set your car and handle it better.
We will use teamspeak to communicate between us during the training session. We think that learning with examples showed live is the best way to learn!
RadiatorSpringsRacing TeamSpeak Viewer 
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