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Our All-Round Series Season 2009.02 is finished

posted 12 Nov 2009, 01:49 by G G.Graziano

Our All-Round Series Season 2009.02 is finished and we have our winner: Stephane Migrouille.
Stephane demonstrated to be fast on each car and to able to catch points and trophies everywhere!
In 9 events with 17 races he managed to be get 6 Pole Positions 4 1st Places, 5 2nd Places and 2 3rd Places!
Always very clean on track and extremely fast and consistent.
Well done Stephane!!

Congratulations to Matteo Marchiorato and Alberto Canzi as well for their second and third place in the championship.

We had great drivers and really nice races in our championship.
Thanks a lot to everyone for joining!

We hope to see you to our next events


posted 13 Oct 2009, 15:52 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 16:02 ]

The Steen Staehr Memorial Race 2009 is announced and will take place on October 10th. Pre-qualifying will start on Saturday October 3rd.
...We was racing for a friend...

YouTube Video


Official SkinPack RSRacingChamp 2009.2 SkinPack v1.0

posted 6 Oct 2009, 15:20 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 6 Oct 2009, 15:21 ]

Skins Pack


RSRacingChamp 2009.2 SkinPack v1.0 Addon v1.2

this addon includes
ABM (new skins)
Alonso Racing (new skins)
scuderia ITR
Shark Racing (new pack)
Radiator Springs (Patrizio Folino)
Dinoco Racing (new F1600-F1800 skins)

Please read carefully the Track Rules here

please join us.. we would like to be able to open two server in a same time

posted 18 Sep 2009, 08:20 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 18 Sep 2009, 08:34 ]

We need more drivers..

please join us.. we would like to be able to open two server in a same time
..and don t kick out drivers ...for NO place available....

In case we will reach at least 22 contestants we will create two groups.

Every Wednesday groups will be arranged based upon the classification.
First 15 in GroupA, others in Group B.

We have a particular points system that will allow drivers to move from one group to an other easily promoting good drivers from Group B and demoting from Group A in case their performances are not good anymore!
In this way we will have always groups with similar skills and it will be easier to have more fun on track!

we Are already on 20..and we will need few more to activate our second server..

The first Winner of our HALL OF FAME CUP 2009

posted 18 Sep 2009, 07:22 by G G.Graziano

The first Winner of our HALL OF FAME CUP 2009

This is our little tribute to one on of the fastest, and, without any doubt the most constant driver running in our league: Stephane Migruoille.
He took part to 13 out of 14 events organized by us arriving on the podium 8 times, and scoring an amazing third place on our last season championship.
New season started but not his attitude to get onto the podium!
This last trophy added to he Silver Plate assigned to him for his win at the 200 laps race on the Oval track, granted him a place on our Hall of Fame as the fist winner of the Radiator Springs Racing Hall of Fame Cup!
A well deserved cup assigned every 10 trophies!

Congratulations Stephane

New Test Races Track

posted 26 Jul 2009, 11:45 by G G.Graziano

New Test Races Track
Monday 03 -10 August  2009
We organize two more event online  for test a new tracks A1Ring GP and Philipisland GP

server bandwidth (9Mb/s upload)

posted 20 Jul 2009, 08:55 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 21 Jul 2009, 17:40 ]

We finally bought a new server!
Windows 2003 64bits VPS with 8 CPUs, 8 Mbs Downsteam, 9 Mbs Upstream!
We hope our new nKPRO server will guarantee all of us a nice racing experience !!!

our Championship has started

posted 8 Jun 2009, 16:05 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 29 Jun 2009, 16:42 ]

Crema Online: a dream come true

posted 6 Jun 2009, 10:27 by Anaconda Solitaria   [ updated 26 Jun 2009, 07:42 by G G.Graziano ]

We are doing some tests to use Crema online.
15 box slots has been created on the side of the main straight, and placed a full grid.
The best part is that you can join the server without any changes on your side.
Only a small modification on the server is needed.
Join our server to help us testing!
Please give us your feedback and opinions on this post:
Here is a small video of our first race online:

Crema Online: First RSR Test

New Drivers in R.S.R.Team

posted 4 Jun 2009, 17:09 by G G.Graziano   [ updated 28 Aug 2009, 02:49 ]

and...Matteo Marchiorato N 21

Daniele De Gioia N77

..and  another one.. Mario Gilles N 12

..More and more... Mauro Delegà N°27

Another Driver joined...Lorenzo Scotti N°15

A new Driver joined Radiator Springs Racing Team: Mauro Zanon N°17
...Our Team is growing...

Welcome in RadiatorSpringsRacing!

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