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BP Ultimate Experience Zandvoort

Sunday 3rd May 2009 I went to the Zandvoort Circuit (Netherlands) to enjoy my birthday present: I drove a 4X4, a quad, we did a karting race, I practiced slalom with the car in slow grip condition, then drifting on the track with a professional driver, then I did a drag race with a Dodge Charger, I drove a BMW 130i Cup racing car, a Formula Renault (a winged single seated car), a Porsche 911 GT3, a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and few laps with my own car, Opel Astra GTC Sport version 150 HP.
Not too bad for one day!


Here a small report and some pictures of this wonderful experience:


It's difficult to describe the emotion to seat in cars with these specs:


Porsche 911 GT3

Max Power: 414HP (305 kW) @ 7600 rpm

Acceleration 0-100 Km/h: 4.3 seconds


Aston Martin

Max Power: 425HP (313 kW) @ 7000 rpm

Acceleration 0-100 Km/h: 4.8 seconds


Lamborghini Gallardo

Max Power: 559HP (411 kW) @ 8000 rpm

Acceleration 0-100 Km/h: 3.7 seconds


You switch on the engine of a black Lamborghini Gallardo and suddenly you hear a heavenly sound. You look around in the cockpit, and you notice on the speedometer scaring numbers (350 km/h).

You feel you heart beating, you can't believe to your eyes! You are seated all alone inside a dream car.

You push a bit the gas pedal with the shift on Neutral, and the engine revs go up fast. The engine sounds great!

It's time to move. A guy from the crew gives you a sign, the car in front of you starts moving. You push the right paddle to get on the first gear and push on the gas just a bit.

As soon as the revs go up your smile becomes bigger and bigger. First corner, the car seems to be on rails. The car in front of you starts pushing, and so do you. Second gear, the car pushes like crazy!

The acceleration is just amazing. You see the light of the Traction Control System switching on. The engine screams at 7000 Revs, third gear. You don't have the time to look at the speedometer, everything is too fast. You are just concentrated on the road and the car in front of you.

You are approaching a corner. You start braking and downshifting. Here the big surprise. You hear an incredible loud, deep, rough roar from your engine! It's difficult to describe with words, but you can have an idea with this video taken by someone else.

Lamborghini Zandvoort onboard

Note. Our run was much faster, for some reason this guy was a bit scared!!!


Corner after corner, you start getting the right feeling with the car, and feel comfortable to push a bit more. Suddenly in front of you see a group of Formula Renault, winged single seat cars, much slower then you.

Trying to be careful, you overtake them and as soon as they appear in your left mirror you are hard on your gas pedal again. Your mind goes to how cool should be for them to hear your engine screaming!


You are approaching the main straight. A fast right corner in 4th and then 5th and 6th on the straight. You have a very quick look on to see the speed: over 220! Wow!


Three laps on the track of pure enjoyment. Amazing feeling difficult to describe and difficult to forget!

It's time to go to the box. The pit lane is narrow, you watch out for the other cars, but you can't resist putting 2nd gear and then downshifting to hear the great sound once again. Everyone is looking at you. You are over the moon.


Not even the time to unfasten your helmet and you hear one guy from the crew saying: It's time to jump on the next car: the Aston Martin V8 Vintage!!!

What a day!


Here some pictures that we took that day:


BP Ultimate Experience Zandvoort