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Andrea Lojelo

Andrea got his nickname, Anaconda Solitaria, from one of his colleague at work, he was shocked when he saw the amount of food he can eat! Don't get foolished by his skinny look; when he is in front of an appealing dish, he has no rivals! Watch out if you want to invite him for dinner!
Previous online sim racing experience:
September-December 2008
My first experience on oval tracks with this nice rFactor mod.
It was a real challange until the last race!
I manage to catch the 2nd place in the championship. Not too bad for a Rookie!
January-March 2009

Though competion on the top of the standings. Really close final results. 5 cars within 36 points (1st with 1636 points) on the final result.
I never got the feel of this new car, getting a 6th place at the end. It was great fun anyway!

February-April 2009
Andrea join the experienced drivers at the GPChampionship for his first season with netKar PRO.
The competition was really tough, and he was out of GROUP B on prequalify for the first two race of the season.
Training a lot he started getting the right feeling of the car, and gained a place for the next 3 races of the season driving even two times with the "GROUP A monsters" and getting some good placements.
Real Life driving experience:
Track day BP Ultimate Experience Zanvoort: Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin V8 Vantage,...